What we do

Sheet metal cutting

For sheet metal cutting we have two laser units Bystronic and a classic technology which is scissors. Laser technology is nowadays fully replacing traditional metal dividing  great precision, thin cutting line, small heat interference and high quality of cut. Sheet metal cutting ›

Die cutting

For die metal cutting, we have two Euromac die cutting machines and wide range of tools that can create differently shaped holes and different products. We also use this technology to finish burned parts with necessary holes. We die cut sheet metals up to 3 mm thick. Die cutting ›

Metal bending

For metal bending we have six folding press brakes and Schroder metal bender. We offer bending of different widths from 0,5 mm up to 12 mm at up to 4 m length. Metal bending ›

Locksmith’s production

We focus on visually appealing products. Our portfolio covers for example partition walls for drivers‘ cabins, dashboard soffits, illuminated advertisement banners, racking system solutions, distribution board boxes, welds up to 200 kg, cases and doors for gas meter assembly. Locksmith’s production ›

Powder varnishing

Our powder paint-shop is one of the most modern of its kind. It allows powder-painting of parts as large as 6×1.5×0.8 metres. We use just environmentally friendly powders in a large colour palette with no content of heavy metals. We offer colour paints from both a domestic supplier and imported ones in short delivery times. Powder varnishing ›

Vapour exhausters

We produce kitchen vapour exhausters (digesters) custom-coloured as per the customer’s choice. In our offer, you can find four types of digesters that can be connected to an air chimney: CH100, 100E and 100EU, and type 100 variant BJ. Now, you can also place your orders online. Vapour exhausters ›