Die cutting

One of S & Ř, CH KOVO company´s activities is die metal cutting. For die metal cutting, we have two Euromac die cutting machines and wide range of tools that can create differently shaped holes and different products. We also use this technology to finish burned parts with necessary holes. We die cut sheet metals up to 3 mm thick.

CNC machine EUROMAC for die cutting

Punch press Euromac MTX 1250/3000 is used for die cutting shapes resulting in producing parts out of sheets. It is equipped with set of tools for metal sheets up to 3 mm at up to 400 Mpa material strength. Largest possible sheet size is 1250 x 3000 mm. Besides basic set of tools we have a tool for shaping cut holes against rain and a tool for engraving graphic inscriptions. The machine is staffed by 25 tools in six working heads which basically allows us to work on different projects shortly after each other, because we don´t lose time with changing sets of tools. Euromac has pulling strength 30 t for sheets up to 1250 x 2500 mm with great choice of tools.

We are able to adjust to different technical conditions.

Our customers in die cutting area are also:

  • Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.
  • HAHN – Elektrobau
  • Výtahy Pardubice a.s.

It would be ideal if you could provide requested part in DFX format in CAD program attached to your inquiry on our email laser@chkovo.cz.