Locksmith's production

One of S & Ř, CH KOVO company´s activities is locksmith´s production. We focus on visually appealing products. Our portfolio covers for example partition walls for drivers´ cabins, dashboard soffits, illuminated advertisement banners, racking system solutions, distribution board boxes, welds up to 200 kg, cases and doors for gas meter assembly.

Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.

For Iveco Czech Republic, a.s. (former Karosa a.s. Vysoké Mýto) we deliver partition walls for drivers´ cabins, dashboard soffits and other generally visually appealing products including powder paint finishing of aluminium facing strips. Partition walls are delivered inclusive of inset glazing.

Hahn – Elektrobau

For our Austrian partner we create illuminated advertisement banners and racking system solutions including top coating. These are then distributed to North European countries.

Other companies

For some other Czech companies we create all kinds of cabinets, distribution board boxes and welds up to 200 kg. Some of these are then becoming goods for well-known foreign companies within automotive and rail businesses.

We also produce installation cases and doors for gas meter assembly fitting into prefabricated as well as custom made brick columns and wall inset boards per technical regulations of Východočeské plynárny.

We are able to adjust to different technical conditions.

It would be ideal if you could provide requested part in DFX format in CAD program attached to your inquiry on our email kabele@chkovo.cz.