Metal bending

One of S & Ř, CH KOVO company´s activities is metal bending. For metal bending we have six folding press brakes and Schroder metal bender. We offer bending of different widths from 0,5 mm up to 12 mm at up to 4 m length.

Folding press brake ADS 40/320 for sheet metal bending

We recently commenced operation of the ADS 40/320 folding press brake for maximum length 4000 mm with 320 tone traction. For available tooling, it corresponds to material 7 mm thick in the full folding length with the natural bending radius for materials up to 400 MPa in strength For stainless steel with strength of 700 MPa, it corresponds to the product thickness of 4 mm. The press is equipped with a split upper tool for bending materials more than 4 mm thick; it can use our existing assortment of split upper and lower tools for parts up to 4 mm thick.

CNC machine SCHRODER MPB for sheet metal bending

We own programmable sheet bender Schroder MPB 2500/2,5 which can work with materials up to 2500 mm in length and maximum thickness 2,5 mm. This machine is unique in ability to shape even circular curves without any visible imprints, and performs bends that cannot be made on a pressbrake, or created by using special tooling.

CNC folding press brake for sheet metal bending

Our equipment also includes four CNC folding press-brakes: CoastOne Cone 900 CNC folding pressbrake, HOL 80 CNC, SAFAN E-Brake 100/3100, and ADS 40/320. The CoastOne Cone 900 folding press-brake is designed for small parts with traction strength of 22 tonnes and 868 mm long tool. The machine is equipped with split tooling, like the large folding press-brakes. The HOL 80 CNC has traction strength of 80 tonnes and 2,500 mm long tool. The machine is equipped with split tools so that parts with bends in both perpendicular axes can be made. Moreover, this press is also equipped with tooling for deep U-channels that cannot be produced on commonly offered tools. The SAFAN E-Brake 100/3100 has traction strength of 100 tonnes and 3,000 mm long tool. The machine is also equipped with split tools so that parts with bends in both perpendicular axes can be made.

We are able to adjust to different technical conditions.

Our customers in sheet metal bending area are also:

  • Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.
  • HAHN – Elektrobau
  • Výtahy Pardubice a.s.

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