Sheet metal cutting

One of S & Ř, CH KOVO company´s activities is sheet metal cutting. For this job, we have two laser units Bystronic and a classic technology which is scissors.

Laser technology is nowadays fully replacing traditional metal dividing (including following working, milling and turning) at great precision, thin cutting line, small heat interference and high quality of cut.

Sheet metal cutting laser BYSPRINT 3015

Sheet metal cutting laser Bysprint 3015 allows work with 12 mm carbon steel, 6 mm stainless steel and 4 mm aluminium and carbon alloys. Maximum sheet size is 3000×1500 mm. Output at 2 200 W.

Sheet metal cutting laser BYSPRINT 4020

Sheet metal cutting laser Byspeed 4020 allows work with 20 mm carbon steel, 15 mm stainless steel, 10 mm aluminium and up to 3 mm thick sheets of coloured metals. Maximum sheet size is 4000×2000 mm. Output at 4 400 W.

Scissprs for sheet metal cutting

We have scissors for sheet metal cutting 6,3×3500 mm, 4×2500 mm and 2,5×1250 mm.

We are able to adjust to different technical conditions.

Our customers in sheet metal cutting area are also:

  • Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.
  • HAHN – Elektrobau
  • Výtahy Pardubice a.s.

It would be ideal if you could provide requested part in DFX format in CAD program attached to your inquiry on our email