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27 years

We are S & Ř, CH KOVO. You may trust us completely because we have been operating in the market since 1993. That is 27 years.


More than 120

The initial number of employee was only 16. Currently, we employ more than 120 people.


3 branches

Our branches include: Joinery, Locksmith and machining shop and Paint shop.


ISO certification

Quality is very important. We possess several ISO certificates and observe quality assurance and environmental protection policies.



You may find us in the town of Chroustovice in the Pardubice region. We serve customers as far as 992 km from us.




At the beginning of 2019 the construction of a new warehousing and shipping hall was completed. We have acquired a laser cutting machine called Bystronic Bystar delivering 6,000 W of power. This new machine replaced the old machine Bysprint 3015.

The purchase of the new machine required an investment into a forklift with maximum load capacity of 5 tons. The forklift allow us to handle large and expensive products made from metal sheets.

The number of employees increased to 120.

We have also created a new website.



In 2017 the production has increased so rapidly that we did not have enough storage capacities for finished orders. The Shipping warehouse was overloaded and shipping was done directly from production. This created problems in terms of record-keeping of finished and stored orders and made shipping, handling the actual loading of supplier trucks more difficult.

To eliminate these issues we decided to construct a new shipping warehouse which was built on the west side of the yard and actually connected welding shop and the current shipping warehouse together. The difference in elevation between those two buildings was solved by a new ramp. The building was designed in a certain way. The middle and west columns of the supporting structure are fitted with footings where crane tracks may be installed if necessary.



In 2015 we received an offer from the owner of the neighbouring building - a company called NoZ Chroustovice, and purchased the entire facility including part of its equipment. The facility included carpentry and joinery, so in addition to metal products we began producing wooden products as well. The carpentry and joinery shop was later expanded with wood cutting and drying shop and the entire facility was later renamed to wood processing facility. The wood production mainly focuses on products made from solid wood, which takes up the entire facility. From the commercial point of view, the production of module an extension beehives is the greatest success as these are in high demand in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. The essential part of our success is the heated module which uses solar energy to produce heat which is then used to cure bees from Varoa mite. The module has the same dimension as a regular beehive so it may be used for order beehives as well. Another unique product is a garden bench with high backrest, which may be quickly  turned  into a table with bench. Further, the carpentry and joinery shop also manufacturers wooden lining used in wells, and a timbered garden cottage supported by two wooden stumps.