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Locksmith's production

Our locksmith production includes several services, namely automated robot welding, manual welding and manual grinding. We focus on products where high demands are placed on the visual appearance of the surface. Our products include elevator doors, frames and cassettes, driver's cabin partitions, lower dashboard sections, illuminated advertising cabinets, rack system parts, electrical switchboard cabinets, welded products up to 200 kg, frames and doors for gas meters.

We weld aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel.

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Contact person: Ing. Martin Gallik

QRC 320 welding robot

QRC 320 welding robot

QRC 320 welding robot is able to weld steel materials with thickness from 0.6 mm to 12 mm. Repeated accuracy is less than 1/10 mm.

With the help of welding jigs the welding operations are even more efficient, consistent and the weld shows superb quality. The price or welded parts is lower when compared with regular welding while high weld quality is maintained! The workplace consists of a compact Z6 cell and the QRC 320 robot.



Automig is a continuously adjustable and fully digital welding power source designed for MIG / MAG welding technology.

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