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Powder varnishing

Contact person Jan Blaha, e-mail  blaha@chkovo.cz , mobil 723883885

Continuous paint shop allows us to perform pre-treatment and painting operations not only on steel surfaces but also on aluminium and galvanized materials. We can apply paint to parts measuring up to 6 x 1.5 x 0.8 m. The load capacity of  the painting hinge is 450 kg!

In our manual paint shop is used to paint parts in size up to 3.8 x 1.7 x 1.7 m and flat plates and bars up to 4 m long.

We can also apply powder paint coatings supplied by different manufacturers, including property curing process. Our equipment enables as to perform electrostatic and electrokinetic application either on a continuous path or in manual piece-by-piece manner. We use only ecological powders without heavy metals and in a wide range of colours. We offer paints both from domestic and foreign manufacturers and short delivery times.

Continuous paint shop

Continuous paint shop

Our new state-of-the-art continuous paint shop allows us to paint parts with dimensions of up to 6 × 1.5 × 0.8 m! Pretreatment is performed in four cycles: degreasing and phosphating, first rinse, second rinse and DEMI water spray.

Our continuous paint shop has three washing functions: chemical, thermal and mechanical. In these baths we can treat steel, aluminium, and galvanized steel. A self-cleaning spray booth is installed in the line allowing us to switch from one colour to another in 15 minutes.

We offer assortment of various paints from domestic and imported manufacturers. The application of paints is done by a robot or manually.

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