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Metal sheet punching

As for metal sheet punching operations, we are equipped with two Euromac punching machines with a wide range of tools which enables us to produce various shapes of holes and products. We also use this technology to cut holes in burn-cut parts. We are able to cut sheets up to 3 m long and 1.5 m wide and 3 mm thick.

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Euromac MTX 1250/3000 punching press

Euromac MTX 1250/3000 punching press

The Euromac MTX 1250/3000 punching press is designed for punching holes or to cut out products from metal sheets. It is equipped with a set of tools able to process metal sheet up to 3 mm thick with  strength up to 400 MPa. The maximum size of metal sheet that can be processed is 1.25 meter wide and 3 m long. In addition to the basic set of tools, we also use a tool to shape indentations and a tool to engrave various inscriptions and graphics. The machine is equipped with 25 tools in 8 working heads which allows us to quickly produce virtually any order and without wasting time with tool changing. Euromac with a tensile force of 300 kN for a sheet size of up to 1.25 x 3 m with a large selection of tools.

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